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The Matanuska

When we were creating our menu, we knew we wanted to have a frozen, blended drink of sorts. We wanted it to be different than what you might find at other coffee shops and we wanted it to be something you would LOVE! We also knew that we wanted to come up with a catchy and creative name for it. As we sat around at dinner one night, trying to come up with a name for it, someone suggested we use something Alaska inspired! While this may seem random to some of you, it made complete sense to us!   
Our brother has been living in Alaska for quite awhile now and each of us have spent varying amounts of time up there visiting. In fact, Katie and Tyler lived in Alaska for 5 months last year and had plans to move up there after getting married. That is of course, until we decided to bring The Mix House to life and they quickly put those plans on hold! Last summer, Jessica made the long flight across the country to visit with Katie, Tyler, and their brother Andrew. We also had some other friends who were living in Alaska and some friends who would be traveling with Jessica! We knew it would be one epic trip, but we had no idea how much fun we would truly have! The two weeks consisted of hiking, driving a jeep through the gorgeous mountains, seeing moose, plane rides, using a hand-tram to cross a roaring river, being stranded on a small island full of glacier ice, boat rides, and so much more! But one of the biggest highlights of the trip, was hiking all across Matanuska [matt-uh-noo-skah], the largest glacier accessible by car in the United States! It was the first thing we did on our trip and man was it incredible! 

As the conversation at dinner that night progressed, the Matanuska was born! We felt it was only fitting to name our drink after this giant piece of ice, as it was truly an incredible experience! And we hope you have a “taste” of that experience every time you enjoy one of these frozen treats! We introduced the Matanuska last week and you all blew us away with your response! You liked it so much, that you ran us dry of ingredients! But that’s okay – more have been ordered and the Matanuska is back!!!

Have you tried the Matanuska yet? What flavor is your favorite!

Photo credit: Katelyn James

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