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Month in review: April

Happy May!

Every. Single. Month. we get to this point and I’m all “Oh my gosh how did we get here?! Another month already?!!” But alas, it keeps happening. So here I am, saying, April FLEW BY!!

The biggest thing that happened this month was continued work on our shop! It’s a long, slow process, and it may seem like it’s taking forever. But we promise it is SO WORTH IT! It’s really starting to take shape inside and it looks AMAZING!


Just a part of the lumber pile before it became WALLS!

The other thing you have to know about our build-out process is that we’re doing EVERYTHING ourselves, AND we’re doing it ALL DEBT-FREE! We’ve had several people tell us that we have to go into debt in order to get the shop open… but we don’t exactly do things the way everyone else does:) Because of that, we’re saving up each month and then paying cash for supplies, equipment, labor, etc. It’s a process, but we know it will be SO worth it when we turn that open sign on for the first time, and we don’t owe ANYONE a dime! How awesome!

We also continued to hear amazing feed back from our new menu! Matanuskas are in full swing! We also have had a mix of hot days, cool days, rainy days, etc. After all, it is SPRING! It’s always fun to see what kinds of drinks are popular on different days!

Lastly, we took a day off this month and all four of us went to a one-day conference together in Durham, NC! It was SUCH a blast, and we all learned SO MUCH! We’ll be processing and applying all of this information for the next year, I’m sure! Our conference was on small businesses and leadership. It was such valuable information! If you own a small business or ever think you might want to, OR if you’re in a leadership role at work, you should definitely check out Dave Ramsey’s “EntreLeadership” book. We’ve all read it and that’s what this conference was based on!


Our super exciting car ride down!

We’re excited to spend May and June finishing the shop and *hopefully* hitting that open sign sooner than later!! Fingers crossed:)

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