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Introducing: Donuts!

Happy Tuesday!

We are enjoying some down time this week while we’re closed, but don’t be fooled! We’re still working some on the shop, doing some maintenance on #theresathetrailer, and finalizing our new menu! A week from today our spring menu will launch and we’re pretty pumped about it. To celebrate, we’ll be introducing a new menu item each day this week!

Yesterday we showed you a new drink – and we need help naming it! Check our Facebook post for more info!

Today we wanted to feature a new baked good – DONUTS! They are indeed baked donuts, and they are also absolutely delicious!


They will come in two flavors – cinnamon sugar and confetti! Because really, every day should be a party! These little bites are the perfect snack to go with your coffee, or to take to work for a Friday treat!

Who’s excited to try these?? We can’t wait to share them with you! Don’t forget to keep checking back for more menu items being introduced all week! AND – check out our Facebook post from yesterday to give your idea for a new drink name! You could win some TMH cash!!

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