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When we first started in on this journey, there were many things which were clear. But of the clearest was this: we could not do it if the Lord wasn’t on our side. We know that He is the one making this all possible and we are SO THANKFUL. When we decided to do our Kickstarter, we made a commitment to ourselves, to each other, and to the Lord. It was this: no matter what the outcome of our Kickstarter we would remain thankful.

If we’re being honest, we wanted to reach our goal. I mean…we REALLY wanted to reach it. But, we had to come to terms before we started, that if we didn’t reach it…it was okay. In fact, it was a good thing, because we knew that meant the Lord had something different planned for us. And so we maintained the mindset that no matter what, we would stay thankful.

Sure, that’s a lot easier said than done, especially since we did reach our goal. But, we think that because we made that decision beforehand, it put our hearts in the right place to receive whatever the Lord had. And we are so thankful that our goals aligned with His plans.

So, today, we’re saying thank you to the Lord. We know that this is impossible without Him. We’re saying thank you for dreams and goals, thank you for people to support us, thank you for guidance and provision. We’re saying thank you for your grace, because without it, none of this means anything. Thank you, Lord for being with us, for guiding us, and for loving us.

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Thank you, Lord, for The Mix House.

If you haven’t noticed already, we’re doing a mini-series of thanking people who have helped to make this possible behind the scenes. When we started making our list of who to thank, we realized we couldn’t fit everyone into the series in one week. That’s a good problem! We quickly however noticed one thing…there were many people from Caroline County who have been pulling together to make this happen. It’s one thing to tell the people of Caroline that you want to open a mobile coffee shop in the area. But, it’s a totally other side of things for those people to want you to do that too! We have felt nothing but love from everyone who has helped us and we just want to say thank you!

Thank you to Kevin James from Salem Baptist Church for your guidance on who to talk to in the county, being our spiritual mentor, and one of our biggest cheerleaders! We can always count on Kevin to share our posts on Facebook and to answer any questions we may have. He was one of the first people we told when all of this started and we are thrilled to have him stand beside us.

Thank you to Charles Tillapaugh and the congregation from Wright’s Chapel in Ladysmith for your guidance, excitement, and willingness to let us park our big orange trailer in your parking lot! We can’t wait to see that come together and are so excited that you are helping to make this all possible!

Thank you to all of the folks at Union Bank (specifically the Ladysmith Branch) for your assistance in securing a loan, opening our accounts, and your excitement to see “real coffee” in Ladysmith!

Thank you to everyone at the Bowling Green and Ladysmith Farmer’s Markets who are working hard to help us secure spots and serve the people of Caroline hot coffee on Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Thank you to Mike Finchum and his staff at the Planning and Zoning Department for helping us make sure we’ve got all of our ducks in a row and are not breaking any rules!

And to EVERYONE else who has given, encouraged, texted, called, told your friends, liked our posts, commented on the blog…thank you. This is all happening because of you! Get ready Caroline, we’re coming for you!

IMG_0403.JPGP.S. – Today is the LAST day to enter for our YEAR OF FREE COFFEE GIVEAWAY! To enter go to either our Facebook page or Instagram (@themixhousecoffee) and check out the instructions there! You have until 7pm tonight to enter! Good luck!


Have you ever met someone and walked away feeling renewed? You know, the kind of person that makes you feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment they meet you. The type of person that is a “life-giver”. For us, those people are Katelyn and Michael Alsop.

Over the past few months, since this crazy dream started, Katelyn and Michael have been more or less our “business mentors”! They’ve been some of our go to people when we needed help figuring out a marketing issue or a video question. They’ve helped us research strategies, brainstormed different ideas, and given sound advice when we needed it! They have given so much to us in the way of their time, ideas, knowledge, and encouragement!

Katelyn started Katelyn James Photography in her dorm room as a college student. She has since grown her business into what I’m sure is greater than she ever could have imagined. Michael joined her, making them a husband-wife photography team a couple years ago and they’ve been doing INCREDIBLE things since. What’s even more incredible though, is their generosity and heart. They have gained so much knowledge in their 7 years of doing business, and while they could hold all of that knowledge for themselves and seek more and more personal success, they give away everything they know. They selflessly help and serve others with no strings attached.

If we’re honest, this post has been rewritten several times because there are not enough words to ever thank Katelyn and Michael for all they have done for us. They have done more than just given us great business advice and encouraged us. They have been our friends. Life-long friends. Katie and Jessica grew up with Katelyn and Michael since they were babies…literally. Their families did everything together and we have the home videos to prove it! What’s crazy is you never think growing up that some of your best friends will turn into your business coaches! But we are so thankful that they have!

Giving Thanks

Katelyn – behind the stroller, Jessica – in the back of the stroller, Katie – screaming her head off.


Since we started this dream of The Mix House, Katelyn and Michael have been right there beside us, cheering us on, believing and dreaming with us. They’ve been teaching us and guiding us, telling us where we could do better and pointing out what we’re doing right. But more than that…they’ve been our friends! KK and Michael…we can never thank you enough! Thank you for the ways you so generously give to others, speak life into those around you, and always point everyone you meet to The Lord. We are so thankful for the ways you are helping The Mix House! We love you both!!


Giving Thanks

Michael – far right, Katelyn – 3rd from right, Jessica – 5th from right, Katie – 3rd from left


Do you have some friends in your life who have helped you chase your dreams? Share about it in the comments below!


There are certain places and people in this world that can make an instant impact in your life. Some impacts are more positive than others and some impacts can be life-long. One of those places for us, is Watermarks Camp.


If you’ve been following the blog at all, you know that Katie, Jessica and Tyler spent a bit of time at Watermarks. To fill you in a little more about why this place means so much to us, let’s first tell you some of the history behind it all. Watermarks Camp was started as a crazy dream (much like ours), by Travis and Angie Critzer. They had a dream of turning their family farm into a safe place for kids, teenagers, and adults to come and experience God. They wanted to reach out to the “least of these” and it’s safe to say that they have done just that! They began their journey in 2004 and today they have seen countless people come through their gates to spend weekends and weeks escaping from their normal lives, to find a place of hope and love. A place where they can be a kid again. A place where people can dream. And at some point or another, we were some of those people.

Katie and Jessica started working at Watermarks in 2008, helping with weekend retreats and then became summer staff in 2009. Tyler joined summer staff in 2009 as well and soon thereafter, they all became interns through The Steward House program. Those years spent working at camp are what can be seen as the birth years of this crazy dream. It’s where Jessica started sharing her dreams and thoughts with not only Katie, but also the other people around. Two of those people were Travis and Angie, experts in chasing dreams.


No matter what our dreams were then, instead of telling any of us that we were crazy or were dreaming too big, they encouraged us, taught us, and pushed us to follow our dreams. It’s one of the first places where each of the three of us started to believe in ourselves. They taught us how to be “givers” not “takers”. And they have certainly been givers for us. They have taught us so many lessons that we are now using daily in the way we do things and pursue The Mix House!

So from the bottom of our hearts, Travis and Angie, and the rest of our peers at Watermarks Camp…thank you. The time we spent there and the lessons we learned are invaluable. We could never put a price on the way you shaped us into young men and women, taught us to dream God-sized dreams, and helped us to believe in ourselves when we never thought things were possible. Thank you for daily demonstrating following God’s calling on your life and for being obedient to Him. Many lives have been changed at Watermarks, all because you followed the dream the Lord placed in your hearts. We love you!


Who are some of the dreamers in your life who have encouraged and helped you? Tell us about how they impacted you in the comments below!


When we first decided to take this leap of faith in pursuing The Mix House, one thing was certain – we can’t do this alone. We’ve had so many people come on board and support us through this whole journey and we just want to make sure they know how thankful we are for all of their support!

The first people who jumped on board with our crazy idea were our families.  We know this would not be possible without their help! From feeding us on our work days, helping us work on our trailer, to just being all around supportive, we can’t do it without them! We are so blessed to have the Gibson, Beale, and Schultze families behind us! Some of them are probably the ones to blame as we have inherited their adventurous spirits and entrepreneurship! We realize what a blessing it is to have their support and we are so excited to see where this continues to go!

As we continue this journey of pursuing The Mix House and as we close in on our Kickstarter campaign, we are so thankful that God chose the families for us that He did. We are so thankful for the ways they love and support us, even when our ideas are a little crazy!!



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Thank you, Brian, Pam, Jeremy, Chrystal, Kevin, Brandon, Willow, Frank, Jan, Anna, Justin, Andrew, Kayti, Corinne, Sean, Pete, Roz, George, Rathje, Jennifer, Brian, Amanda, and Rebecca! We love you all!

Has your family or someone who feels like family been a part in you chasing a dream? Share with us in the comments below!