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This blog is long overdue, but better late than never, right? We want you to meet the latest addition to The Mix House team. Meet Corinne!
Corinne is the baby of the Beale family, she’s engaged to her best friend Sean, she loves pigs, and she bakes all of the goodies you eat! Yes, that’s right…Corinne is the one behind the delicious, creamy, round things you all fight over, Oatmeal Cream Pies! She can whip out some serious OCP’s, ice a cupcake like nobody’s business, and consume some serious caffeine. Can you say #4shotsofespresso?

Corinne and her soon to be husband, Sean!

Corinne and her soon to be husband, Sean!

When we made the decision for Corinne to come on board, it seemed like a no-brainer for several reasons:

She’s an incredible baker! In fact, did you know that she and Katie had a little side business in college baking cupcakes? You may have spotted them once or twice at the Bowling Green Farmers’ Market or you may have even tasted their cupcakes at a wedding or two! #sistersweets But don’t take our word for it, come try for yourself!

Corinne and Katie after baking for a Sister Sweets event!

Corinne and Katie after baking for a Sister Sweets event!

She’s been a barista for several years! Corinne comes equipped with coffee making (and drinking) skills as she was a barista in college! When she’s not busy baking, we like to steal her to sling drinks in the mobile bar!

We needed help! Like serious help! We quickly realized that working 10 hour days at the mobile bar and then coming home to bake for 6 more was not going to work! Thankfully we figured this out before we officially opened the bar and asked Corinne to help out!

Once her and Sean decided that they were staying in the area after getting married, we knew that she was indeed the perfect fit for our team! Plus…she’s our sister! #duh If you see Corinne in the trailer, be sure to introduce yourself and tell her how much you love those muffins!


Thanks for all you do, Rinnie Boo! We love you!

When we were creating our menu, we knew we wanted to have a frozen, blended drink of sorts. We wanted it to be different than what you might find at other coffee shops and we wanted it to be something you would LOVE! We also knew that we wanted to come up with a catchy and creative name for it. As we sat around at dinner one night, trying to come up with a name for it, someone suggested we use something Alaska inspired! While this may seem random to some of you, it made complete sense to us!   
Our brother has been living in Alaska for quite awhile now and each of us have spent varying amounts of time up there visiting. In fact, Katie and Tyler lived in Alaska for 5 months last year and had plans to move up there after getting married. That is of course, until we decided to bring The Mix House to life and they quickly put those plans on hold! Last summer, Jessica made the long flight across the country to visit with Katie, Tyler, and their brother Andrew. We also had some other friends who were living in Alaska and some friends who would be traveling with Jessica! We knew it would be one epic trip, but we had no idea how much fun we would truly have! The two weeks consisted of hiking, driving a jeep through the gorgeous mountains, seeing moose, plane rides, using a hand-tram to cross a roaring river, being stranded on a small island full of glacier ice, boat rides, and so much more! But one of the biggest highlights of the trip, was hiking all across Matanuska [matt-uh-noo-skah], the largest glacier accessible by car in the United States! It was the first thing we did on our trip and man was it incredible! 

As the conversation at dinner that night progressed, the Matanuska was born! We felt it was only fitting to name our drink after this giant piece of ice, as it was truly an incredible experience! And we hope you have a “taste” of that experience every time you enjoy one of these frozen treats! We introduced the Matanuska last week and you all blew us away with your response! You liked it so much, that you ran us dry of ingredients! But that’s okay – more have been ordered and the Matanuska is back!!!

Have you tried the Matanuska yet? What flavor is your favorite!

Photo credit: Katelyn James

Wow! We love you Ladysmith! We set out to open the mobile bar on Monday and had no idea what to expect. We were nervous, anxious, and maybe even a little scared, but most of all we were excited and ready to show you what all the talk had been about. Renovations on the trailer were complete and the menu had been created. We were ready for you to meet The Mix House!


On Monday, things started off slow. We woke up at 3 am, got ready, and began the journey from Bowling Green to Ladysmith. We set up the trailer, cranked on the generator, and before we knew it, the open sign was on! The only thing we were missing were the customers! It was a little while before anyone showed up, but rest assured, when they did, we had to literally contain our excitement and play it cool! As the day went on, we learned more about our routine and set up, what parts of our system were working and where we needed to adjust. By the time 12:30 rolled around, we decided we hadn’t had enough, so we stayed an extra hour! We finally turned off the lights, cleaned up the bar, and packed up to head back home. The first day was done and it felt GREAT!


As the week progressed, so did business. The word quickly started to spread and before we knew it, we had 3 times the customers on Wednesday as we did Monday! There has been a lot of dancing in the trailer when people aren’t looking! Katie keeps telling me (Jessica) that someone is going to spot my terrible dance moves one day as they are pulling out. But, I don’t care! I’M TOO EXCITED TO NOT DANCE!


When Thursday rolled around, we knew we were in for a long day. Our work days start at 4 am and have been ending around 3:30 pm. The normal routine once we close up shop is to go dump our waste water tank, fill up the truck and generator with fuel, and then go back to headquarters and fill up with fresh water, clean the trailer, and restock any supplies. After that, we catch up on any baking. On Thursday, however, once we finished for the day, we loaded up and headed to the Rt. 639 Farmer’s Market. (And can we just say how much we LOVE that market!? It’s literally THE BEST!) Anyways – we had another solid 6 hours of work ahead of us, but boy was it worth it! It was so fun to see the people at the market put together the connection of the “orange trailer”. Slowly but surely people are catching on to who we are and what we’re doing and we love it!


Friday morning came quickly, but we welcomed it with open arms as we were excited to see how the week would finish off (and looking forward to a nap – those mornings come early)! And of course, you all pulled through and Friday was our BEST DAY yet! We had many people returning to get their new TMH favorite, but we also had a lot of new faces! All in all opening week was and we couldn’t be more thrilled with your response! We are excited to keep growing and to keep serving you the best baked goods and drinks possible! We are excited to see Ladysmith (and Caroline as a whole) continue to “mix together” over coffee and muffins. We are excited to get to know each and every one of you! We’re spending our weekend resting, restocking, baking, and getting ready for an awesome second week. We’ll see you Monday bright and early, but in the mean time, Mix On!

Did you stop by to see us this week? What did you think?? Leave a comment below!!

us in trailer

  • Beverly Copeland - This is exactly what I need to start my commuter van commute to Richmond! I love those oatmeal cream pie (?cookies)! They’re like a meal! And I love the drink punch card! Oh! And waaaaay cheaper than Starbucks! Shop local! Support local business! You rock ladies!ReplyCancel

  • Terry Southworth - I had the opportunity to stop by The Mix House this week and it was great! A friend had suggested I try the Dr. B. I told the girls that I didn’t usually like flavored coffees and had never even tried an iced one. Well they had just sold a Dr. B and let me taste a small amount that was left over. I WAS SOLD! It was my first but won’t be my last. I also had to have some of “Mama’s Sweet Tea” for the road. Fun and friendly place to stop. Good luck girls.ReplyCancel

We’ve been putting off writing this because deep down none of us wanted to admit it was true. Some of you have heard by now and others have picked up through our pictures and posts. Sadly, last month, Kelsey let us know that she would need to step away from The Mix House as other things in her life were needing her attention. At this point in time, things just weren’t going to be a good fit for her. While this came as a shock to us all, we are so grateful that Kelsey made this decision. Not because we’re glad she is gone, but because we’re glad she is where she needs to be. We are grateful that Kelsey was able to make this decision now and not way down the road when it would’ve been even harder to lose her. More than that though we are thankful for all that Kelsey did and gave to help us in this early stage. Kelsey brought a wealth of knowledge and a different view to the table that we will certainly miss!


Kelsey, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for helping us, believing in us, and giving it your all! Thank you for the late nights, long hours, and many emails! Thank you for helping make The Mix House a reality! We love you and are so grateful for your time with us!

So you’re probably wondering where that puts us now? Well, it just so happens that Katie has some baking experience as well! She’s been pulling double duty on both coffee and baking and we are so glad that is one of her many talents! If you’ve tasted anything we’ve been selling at the markets, that was certainly made by Katie! This also turns us into a 3-person team! While we’ve had to make some adjustments, the transition has actually been very smooth and we are so glad! Sometimes working with family can be tough, but so far for us it’s been awesome!

We are still pushing along with the goal to be open by the end of June! We’re praying all of our health inspections stuff with the trailer will just be done quickly and easily and we can be rolling here soon!

We are so thankful for all of your continued support! If you haven’t already, come by the market on Saturday from 9-1 in Bowling Green and say hi!

Mix on!


Hi everyone! We’ve been a little MIA from the blog the last few weeks, but it’s not from lack of working! Whew! Jessica just finished up her full time job and is transitioning into life in Caroline! I (Katie) am finishing my full time job next Wednesday (throw the confetti!) and will then be working away at this little dream of ours full time! That still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Anyway! Here’s what we’ve been up to!

The Mix House has officially taken over our tiny little kitchen with industrial shelves and a second fridge. I’m officially out of counter space, and have to break out a folding table when I’m baking. No lie. Here’s a picture of last week’s baking order ready for icing and packaging… that’s our kitchen table!


We’ve been at the Bowling Green Farmers’ Market for two weekends now, and it has been awesome! We’re just starting to get a routine down that will hopefully be made much easier when I’m home to bake all day Friday, instead of late into Friday night. If you haven’t been to see us yet, come on! We’ll be there each Saturday from now until they kick us out! The market is from 9am-1pm on Main Street, right in front of Union Bank.



Jessica, Katie, and Tyler at the Market on our first day!


Our current Farmers’ Market Menu!


We’re in the middle of giving out Kickstarter rewards! It’ll still be late June before we’re totally finished, so if you haven’t received yours yet, hold tight! We promise we’re coming for ya!

If you’ve been to see us at the Market – THANK YOU! It may seem silly, but having people continue to support us is SO encouraging! These last few weeks have been especially exhausting with wrapping up current jobs and spending a LOT of hours baking, so seeing people who are genuinely EXCITED about what we’re doing really makes it all SO worth it!!!!

We were also told last week that we’ve become a bit of a “buzz” around Ladysmith! That’s AWESOME! PLEASE keep telling everyone you know about us!! If you haven’t heard yet, our HUGE goal is to have our beautiful trailer up and rolling at the end of June, so be on the lookout! Again, thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged us, shared us on Facebook, been by to see us, or told someone about us. You’re seriously making this happen!!

If you’ve been to see us at the Market already, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on how it was! Taste of food, freshness of coffee, our overall appearance… we want to know what you think!

  • Ashley - I lovvvvvvved starting my Saturday morning last week with an iced coffee (even had a refill) + blueberry muffin! I enjoyed the beautiful morning with my yummy treats + great company! Really proud of you friends and allllll the greatness ahead! Love you all!ReplyCancel

  • Anna Burke - I’ve enjoyed my cold brew the last 2 Saturday mornings along with the TMH cookies… they are AWESOME!!! Looking forward to y’all setting up shop more often so I can frequent the big orange trailer and fill up my punch card!!!ReplyCancel

  • kristen - The cookies have a big stamp of approval from the kids! we are not coffee drinkers, but may have to come try the tea! Bought some cookies for year end treats for teachers and volunteers…hope they come to see you too!! super excited for you guys!!ReplyCancel