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WOW! Happy New Year, friends! Where did 2015 go?? SO MUCH has happened this year, and we cannot WAIT to see/share what will happen in 2016! We’re so thankful to be on this adventure together. For now, we thought we would share a little recap of all that’s happened this year!


We all started just talking about what this crazy idea would look like. We had many meetings at McDonald’s and Panera, trying to meet up when the time allowed. We were all working full time jobs, and living hours apart. We also had a few Skype meetings. We honestly had NO idea what we were doing! At this point we were brain storming buildings to lease, and trying to figure out how we would fund a coffee shop!


The talk of a mobile coffee shop begins. We had this crazy idea to put a coffee shop into a food truck or something similar. After an evening on Craigslist, Jessica found this crazy looking, bright orange cargo trailer, that already had some coffee equipment in it! The price had been dropped (by 50%!) and the owner just wanted to get rid of it. We went to the bank, applied for a loan, and then we waited! More meetings with business savvy friends, parents, and a pastor happened around this time.


We receive our loan, and head to pick up our new orange trailer! We had NO idea, still, what we were getting ourselves into! But, off we went on our crazy adventure. We also launched our Kickstarter campaign on March 11th. We had absolutely no idea if it would work, or the roller coaster of emotions it would take us on. But, we went for it!


One of our many Skype meetings!


Tyler with our loan check! We were feeling like some serious adults here!



Bringing our sweet Teresa HOME! I’m pretty sure this is the day she earned that name :)


We become fully funded on Kickstarter!! This was full of so many emotions. From excitement, to not thinking we were going to make it, to being SO surprised by so many GENEROUS people! To finally hitting (and then exceeding!) our goal! We’re still SO grateful for each and every one of you who pledged! This is the reason we’re up and running today!!!


We’re fully funded!!! We ended up raising $10,610 by the very end!


Katie finished her full time job, and was able to begin dedicating more time to The Mix House! We received our Kickstarter funds, and began sending out rewards to all of our backers. We also began the Bowling Green Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings, and Katie and Tyler’s house began the process of becoming a warehouse! HA! Also, renovations on the trailer started, and what seemed to be a never ending process of getting permits and licenses began!


Our first Bowling Green Market!


Jess finished her full time job and moved back to Caroline. Work on the trailer continued. We took apart, cleaned, and rebuilt our espresso machine. We laid new floors in the trailer, built custom stainless counter tops, bought an awesome under the counter fridge, and submitted plans to the Health Department! We also started taking our market set-up to the Ladysmith Farmer’s Market, which opened up SO many doors for us! At the end of June, we hosted our Launch Party, where we invited all of our Kickstarter Backers to see what we had created! We still had a little work to do on the Mobile Bar, but it was functional enough for one night! Finally, somewhere in here, we had our in home bakery inspection and passed!! This meant we could bake and prepackage delicious treats in Katie and Tyler’s kitchen, and then sell them from the trailer.


Espresso machine building!


Our launch party! I’ll never forget turning that open sign on that night. For whatever reason, it just seemed so necessary :)


This was probably our most exciting month! We finished trailer, pulled a REALLY late night on July 8th, had a 9am health inspection on July 9th, PASSED!, and then went to the Ladysmith Farmer’s Market that night with trailer in tow! Seriously, the best feeling ever. I’m pretty sure we all passed out for the day on Friday, but then spent the weekend getting everything set for our first official day of business!!! Also, Corinne joined us and started being our amazing barista/baker!! We’re SO grateful for her stepping in to help us, and then becoming our full time head baker shortly after!


Right after we received our health inspection. This was a seriously exciting moment, folks! This meant we could OPEN!!!!


Our first time opening the trailer!!! Ladysmith Farmer’s Market. June 9, 2015.


Our first morning opening in our favorite spot! Wright’s Chapel on Ladysmith Road, where we’re still open M-F!


We kept working to figure out our little routine and establishing a small customer base in Ladysmith. We celebrated three birthdays this month as well! Jess, Corinne, and Tyler all have August birthdays, so this was a fun month for everyone! We started going to the Union Bank Operations Center on Tuesdays, which has been an awesome thing for us! Thank you, Union!


Corinne making something tasty on her Birthday!


We launched our fall menu in September and oh, my, wow. You would have thought we were giving away winning lottery tickets!! You amazing people came out of NOWHERE for some pumpkin spice! HA! We LOVED meeting SO MANY new faces this month! We served over 300(!!) Pumpkin Spice Lattes this month! WHAT! We also did quite a few events, including our first ever wedding!


Corinne with her favorite summer drink at her very own wedding! Photo by Katelyn James.


Pumpkin spice for days!


This was our biggest, busiest, most exhausting month to date! We had 19 events OUTSIDE of our normal 5am-11am setup! We were seriously running around like crazy, and it was awesome! We participated in the Bowling Green Harvest Festival, Sparta Day, Port Royal Charter Day, and CHS Homecoming, just to name a few. What a blast October was… I think we’re still recovering!


We took some fun promo pictures!


Katie and Tyler at Port Royal Charter Day!


We started our online store, and began pre-orders for Thanksgiving! This was such a fun/crazy thing for us! This really allowed us to expand our baking side of things, and it was a blast. However, we quickly learned that we’re outgrowing our tiny home kitchen! We baked what felt like a million pies for Thanksgiving orders, and it was awesome! We took some time off for Thanksgiving, and it was a much needed break!


Pies on pies on pies!


December is a little bit of a short month for us with our little Christmas break, but that’s not stopping the fun! Our Winter menu has been in full force, and it’s been seriously fun. We introduced 4 new drinks and several new baked goods. We also had a fun little photo shoot and everyone pretty much fell in love! Ha!


All decked out for Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.01.40 PM

Our ADORABLE models!! Who wouldn’t want a whoopie pie after seeing these faces?!?

We also had our Christmas Party this month! Oh man, what a BLAST it was to have so many of you hang out with us for the evening – ugly sweaters and all! This was the PERFECT way to end December, and all of 2015!


Whew, reading this post just makes me so content. We have seriously accomplished SO MUCH in one year, and it’s all because of YOU. We’re thankful to have such encouraging, supportive, and overall amazing people to hang out with every single day. AND, this post just makes me SO excited for what 2016 has in store! Can you imagine 2016’s “end of the year” blog post? I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be like.

We’re SO EXCITED to be back in action on January 4th! We’ve missed you all!!






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December is my absolute favorite month, and I cannot believe it’s just about GONE! Just sitting down to write this post really put things into perspective – December, and 2015, are almost over! It’s sad, but also exciting because there are SO MANY AMAZING things to come in 2016!! More on that later… for now, here’s our review of December!

Top Drinks:

I wasn’t so surprised that all three winter drinks were the top three drinks this month!

1) Peppermint Mixed Mocha

2) English Toffee White Mocha

3) Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte

The last two were separated by ONE drink!! Ha! We’re so glad that you’re enjoying these!! Don’t worry – they’re not going anywhere for a while! We’ll continue serving these throughout the winter – which is just beginning!

Top Food:

1) Pumpkin Bread – we served over 150 slices of pumpkin bread! That’s a lot of bread, people! HA! We’re so glad you love this!

2) White Chocolate Cranberry Scone – you guys ate over 130 of these too! These were a new item this month, and it’s clear that you love them! They’re not going anywhere either:)

3) TMH Sugar Cookie – these are probably my (Katie’s) favorite thing we make! They are thick, soft, and oh so delicious. We use my mom’s special cookie and icing recipe, and they are pretty much to die for! If you haven’t tried one of these yet, you should!

We’re so excited to venture into 2016 with you! We hope you’ll continue to hang out with us this year, and come along for all of the adventures!

Merry Christmas, Mixers!

We just wanted to take a second to wish you a WONDERFUL day filled with family, good food, and lots of love! Hopefully there’s a good cup of coffee in there too! We’re so thankful, once again, for each and every one of you. You have all quickly become our “Mix House Family”, and we are SO thankful. What we do every day would mean absolutely nothing if it weren’t for each of you! So, thank you! We wish we could give each of you a Christmas present or a hug or a cup of coffee today!

Merry Christmas!!


Tyler, Katie, Jessica, and Corinne

Man, we seriously cannot believe another month has already gone by! And honestly, this one is flying by too! We had a great November with a few more events, lots of pumpkin, and our first round of holiday pie orders! We also took a few days off for Thanksgiving which was a nice break after such a busy fall!

Probably the most exciting thing that happened last month was getting our van going! If you missed it on Facebook or Instagram, we bought a used work van to pull our trailer with, and we LOVE it! We named her Connie and she is amazing. We have SO much more storage space, and overall pulling capacity. We’re excited to add some shelving and touch up the paint soon to keep improving!


The day we picked her up! she doesn’t have those decals anymore!


We’re now starting week two with our new winter menu, and we’ve loved hearing your feedback on the new items! So far the most popular have been the white chocolate cranberry scone (it is seriously amazing), and the peppermint mixed mocha.

 If you haven’t seen it yet, here are the winter menu items!


-Peppermint Mixed Mocha

-Peppermint Hot Chocolate

-English Toffee White Mocha

-Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte

-Holiday Blend Hot Brew


-Peppermint Whoopie Pie

-White Chocolate Cranberry Scone

-Mini Pies (Pumpkin, Pecan, Chocolate Chess)

– Christmas Sugar Cookies

And we can’t forget our sweet little models! How can you resist the winter menu with faces like those?!

Happy Monday, mixers! We hope to see you soon!!

Hello, Mixers!

Whew, what a MONTH!

You guys are seriously amazing. Like, you’re all our favorite people, ever! We had an EPIC month and are so looking forward to all that the upcoming months have in store! Here are just a few mind blowing things that happened this month!

1) We had 19 events outside of our usual 5am-11am setup. NINETEEN! That’s amazing!! And, it’s all because people like YOU were sending us ideas and continuing to spread the word about us. We SO appreciate all of it! Those 19 events gave us a grand total of 41 times our open sign was on this month. That’s amazing, you guys! We’re so thankful for each of you.


Our perfect spot at the busy Bowling Green Harvest Festival!

2) We sold over 250 Pumpkin Spice Lattes this month! Ha! If we’ve learned one thing in this whole adventure, it’s that you people loooove pumpkin, and we can’t blame you! But, hold on to your hats because a NEW WINTER MENU is coming! We’ll be announcing all of the deliciousness soon and it will launch on November 30th, so less than a month to go! WOO!!

3) We were able to upgrade several pieces of equipment this month, because of you! You may never notice it on the other side of the window, but every little improvement goes a LONG way inside our sweet little trailer! We’re pumped about our new espresso grinder, a few extra espresso supplies, and our new (to us) VAN! Woohoo!! If you’ve noticed our sweet little red truck, you know it’s probably seen better days. We’ve been borrowing it from our Granny and we’re SO THANKFUL for our time with it! However, we know we need something that can haul a little more weight, as well as something that can store a few more supplies, so a big work van seemed like the perfect fit! It ain’t the cutest thing on the block, but it gets the job done! And we have one!! It needs a few minor things worked on, but you should be seeing it parked next to our trailer soon! (It also needs a name, so be thinking!)

Seriously, what a month! This has been by far our busiest but BEST month yet! We can’t wait to keep growing and pursuing all that’s ahead. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your ideas, and mostly for your smiling faces at 5am when we’re trying to keep our eyes open! We appreciate each and every one of you!

-The Mix House Team