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I feel like I say this every time, but it’s so hard to believe another month has gone by! We’re 1/6th of the way through 2016… that’s crazy!

February was a unique month for us! We’re still learning so much as we go along on this journey. Things like what to do when it snows, how to find a work/life balance, how to file business taxes, how to get carpet unglued from concrete floors… we feel like we’re becoming skilled in about a million different areas! It’s kind of fun! February was filled with all kinds of these things, but here are a few of the highlights:

-We got to hang out in Bowling Green with #teresathetrailer for 3 Saturdays this month! We LOVE being in Bowling Green. Something about the cute “downtown” area, (however small it may be!) and meeting some new friendly faces is just so FUN for a Saturday morning! We do have to keep using Saturdays to work on our space, but we’ll do our best to be open on any “extra” Saturdays that we can!


-We launched another round of baked goods this month! Chocolate chip muffins, red velvet truffles, pound cake, and cinnamon roll bread all hit the menu this month and we think you guys might just LOVE it all!


– We  Corinne made SO. MANY. COOKIES! You guys literally blew us away with your Valentine cookie orders, and the TMH home bakery was flooded with cookies for a day! Corinne made 15 dozen(!) cookies… that’s 180 cookies in ONE DAY! Thanks for loving our cookies!


#corinnesgoodies taking over Katie and Tyler’s living room! she baked, cooled, iced, and packaged 180 COOKIES in one day!

-We continued working on our Bowling Green shop! #tmhonmain pretty much went through demo this month, and is now ready to be rebuilt! Here’s to paperwork, research, building, painting, and probably some more paperwork! Followed by inspections, inspections, inspections! Oh the joys of owning a business!!


working away on those concrete floors… they’re going to be so beautiful when they’re done!

Whew! February was busy in such a different way for us, but we’re still having a blast and moving forward! It’s crazy how different seasons have brought about different variations of staying “busy.” Last summer was busy trying to figure out what we were doing, and just getting the business going! The fall was busy with events, events, events! The winter has been busy with finding a new location and trying to make everything “legal”, as well as figuring out taxes (yuck!) And the spring will be busy getting our new place built out and hopefully OPEN by summer! We’re learning SO much, and sleeping SO little, but still having SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for being a part of our journey!

Happy February, Mixers!

January was a very different month for us, in several ways! We continued our Monday-Friday set up in Ladysmith as usual. We missed 3 and a half days because of the crazy snow storm! But, we were excited to get back in the swing of things. We also got more mugs this month!!! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you should plan to soon! They won’t last too much longer!

image1 7

While all of this was fun and exciting, there was definitely something else that topped EVERYTHING we did all month… we got the keys to our new space!!!! Woah! We started looking for a space back in November, and decided on the Main Street location before Christmas, but we didn’t have the keys until January! We’re feeling more and more like adults these days, with permits and building plans and endless key rings of keys. We’re just starting to get back into the “hustle” phase, so working 12-17 hour days is a pretty common thing around here!


Honestly, I don’t think any of us expected January to be much of an exciting month. Statistically, it’s a pretty dead month for most businesses. But, our crazy adventure brought us a VERY exciting January, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of February brings!!

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re setting up in Bowling Green for the next 2 Saturdays! We’ll be open 8am-12pm at Dejarnette and Beale on Main Street. If you’re in the Bowling Green area, or just need a little extra TMH love on the weekend, make sure you stop by!

Happy February, friends!

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We have big news! Exciting news! News that if you told us a year ago we would be saying, we would’ve told you no way…

We are opening a bakery and coffee bar in Bowling Green!!! (Cue the confetti!!!) And we are SO EXCITED!!

The reason we wouldn’t have believed you is because this wasn’t what we initially set out to do. When we started The Mix House the goal was clear…we wanted a coffee shop in Ladysmith. And while that’s still the goal…we’re just getting there a little differently than we expected….we’re taking the scenic route!

Since we opened in July we’ve been running The Mix House out of Katie and Tyler’s house. And while this has been cozy and convenient, we knew a time would come when we would need some more space. As it turns out, that time has come quicker than we expected. Apparently it’s difficult to store 30 gallons of milk in a normal size refrigerator. It is also difficult to maintain a bakery based out of a tiny home kitchen. So we began looking for somewhere to move all our baking and store all of our supplies.

After lots of thought, planning, and even prayer, we have landed on the perfect place in Bowling Green. It’s big enough to store everything we need, be our bakery, and even have a coffee bar with some seating. We are SO EXCITED about what this space will be and we cannot wait for you to see it! We have a TON of work ahead of us and we are eager to get our hands dirty and see this place come to life.

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a lot of questions. And while we’re still figuring some things out, here’s what we can answer:

Q: Where exactly will you be located?
A: We will be at 112 N. Main Street – right in the heart of town.

Q: When will you be open?
A: That’s a great question…one we are still figuring out. The goal is to be open sometime this summer…vague, we know, but there are lots of factors that have to fall into place as we go on this adventure.

Q: Will you still have the mobile bar?
A: Yes! #teresathetrailer will continue to operate as normal! Same hours, same location, same smiling faces!

Q: Are you excited?
A: YESSSSSS!!!!!! We have literally been bursting at the seams with excitement. We’ve begun meeting with all the important people you have to meet with to sign leases, get building permits, talk about plans, etc., etc….and while this phase is fun, we’re even more excited to open our doors and turn on the open sign. We cannot wait for you to see the space and enjoy a drink with a friend one morning.

We look forward to the adventure and hard work ahead and we thank you for being a part of it all! Here’s to you, Bowling Green!

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Today is Momma Beale’s birthday! (In case all of our maiden and married last names confuse you, she’s momma to Jessica, Katie, and Corinne, and she’s mom-in-law to Tyler!)


Photo by Katelyn James

It just seemed appropriate to wish her a Happy Birthday via the blog. Because our momma is a mom to more than just her 5 kids and 4 kid in laws. She’s been a mom to so many people for so many years. I’ve never known someone more willing to let dirty, muddy kids come stomping through her house after playing in the creek for hours on end. I’ve never seen anyone else open their home to 100+ friends, family, and even strangers for “snow parties”. I’ve never known anyone else who gets excited at the thought of buying 100s of hotdogs and making the biggest pot of chili you’ve ever seen, so she could have dozens of children and grown children tracking snow onto her hardwood floors. My momma spent so many Easter weekends having all of our friends over for “Easter cookies” and a sleepover. She’s always quick to open her home, take a meal to someone in need, or invite the whole county over for a party. She just loves to love people, and it’s something I’ve always admired.

So today, we celebrate her. She’s going to hate this post, because she doesn’t want to take the credit or recognition for anything. But we’re gonna celebrate her anyway. She’s a mom to so many, and she’s truly become The Mix House mom in no time. You would think that now that we’re all grown, us kids wouldn’t still be tracking mud in her house and inviting 100s of people to her house, but we do. When we bought our trailer it spent months at her house, and a large amount of that time it was parked IN THE FRONT YARD while we worked on it. She opened up their spare bedroom to be The Mix House equipment storage room for months. She’s baked cookies, made sweet tea, and jumped in to run the register at our craziest event ever. When we wanted to have a Christmas party, she was the first to volunteer her chili cooking skills, and in true Jan fashion, she made more chili than we could ever eat! She’s truly always just a phone call away (if she answers!) and we love her so much. She’s set the BEST example for each of us, and we just want to thank her! If you’ve ever felt welcomed, taken care of, or just been greeted with a friendly smile at The Mix House, it’s because Mom made that a priority in each of our lives. We’re simply mimicking what we’ve seen for 20+ years. I could go on and on, but she’s probably already crying just reading this, so I guess I’ll stop there.

Mom, we love you and are SO thankful for you! Thanks for instilling a love for hospitality in each of us, that we’ve been able to weave into everything we do at The Mix House. And just for you, it sounds like the floodgates of heaven are opening up and SNOW IS COMING! Happy Birthday!!!!


Katie, Jess, Corinne, Tyler, and all of your many other children:)

And just for fun, here’s a very old (6 years ago!) video of a Beale Snow Party! (When mom has 100s of people to her house to play in the snow!) Thanks to Katelyn James for the video!

Posted by Katelyn James Alsop on Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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Happy Tuesday!

It is SERIOUSLY cold and windy today, and I’m sure many of you are ready to be back at home, on the couch with a HOT cup of coffee and the heat cranked up! We can totally relate. But, since that’s not anyone’s reality today, we thought it would be fun to give you a little behind the scenes look at what a day in the life of The Mix House looks like! So, here we go!

3:20am (yes, you read that right) – the alarm goes off.

4:00am – We’ve somehow managed to crawl out of bed and put on as many layers as we could find! We leave Tyler and Katie’s house in Bowling Green and head to Wright’s Chapel to set up.

4:30am – Set-up begins! First, we unhook the trailer from our awesome van. We unload the generator from the back of the van and turn it on. We then begin setting up lights, tables, baked goods, bottled syrups for drinks, and allow all of our machines to warm up. Once they’re ready, we brew two batches of drip coffee, and the open sign turns on!


All set up and ready to roll!


5:00am – We wait. Sometimes customers start coming at 5:01. Other times, no one shows until 5:45! We don’t mind either way. The slower pace starting out gives us a chance to sip some coffee, warm up a little, and try to wake up! (It is early, after all!)

6:45am – By now we’ve seen quite a few customers. However, this is about the time when things really pick up! From now until about 9:00, we’ll stay pretty busy! There’s not much time here to sit down, take a sip of coffee, or breathe for a minute. Sometimes we’re lucky if we have time in here to say hi to everyone! Of course, some days are slower than others. But for the most part, this is the trend.

9:00am – For the next hour or so, we’ll slow down a little. But, usually it’s still pretty steady! This time of day is fun – we get a little more time between customers, which means we get to chat and hang out a little longer with everyone!

10:15am – Clean up begins. One person will start washing dishes, and the other will begin tearing down the outside stuff. On days like today, this isn’t the most fun part! It’s chilly and windy, and if we’re honest we’d rather be sitting in the heated trailer making coffee! But, somebody’s gotta do it:)

11:00am – Off we go! Most days we also have events in the afternoon, so we leave from Wright’s and head to wherever we’re going next. Depending on the nature of the event, we’ll get there, set up, do our thing, and tear down and leave between 2:00 and 3:00.

3:00pm – Begin the journey home. However, this comes with a stop at the truck stop! We have to empty our waste water tank every day, so we drive to Carmel Church and use the RV waste area to empty our tank. Then, we fill the generator with gas, fill the van with gas, buy whatever ice we need for the next day, and then continue back to Bowling Green.

4:00pm – We finally arrive back in Bowling Green! But, it’s not quite over yet. We still have to take out the trash, fill our fresh water tank, restock whatever supplies we may need, load up the freshly baked treats, and lock up for the evening. This usually takes about 20 minutes, depending on how many things we have to restock!

4:30pm – We finally head to our own homes and have the evening to ourselves. But, there are often times still more things to do – order supplies, respond to emails, work out details for events, various maintenance or cleaning to the van or trailer, and so much more. And, we have to be in bed by 8:00 if we plan to get up at 3:30 again the next day!

Of course, every day is a little different, but this just gives an idea as to what goes on to make your cup of coffee possible every morning! It is a lot of work, and it makes for some long days. But, we seriously wouldn’t have it any other way!!! We’re so thankful that each of you give us the opportunity to wake up every day and do this. We hope you enjoyed this little peek into our lives! Let us know in the comments what else you would like to hear from us! Have any questions? Wonder how we make something work? Ask away!

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