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I’ve been putting off this recap for a while, partly because I’ve been busy, but mostly because I didn’t think I had much to update on! But then I remembered… we launched a new menu! AND we’ve been working away on the shop and we’ve been hearing SO MANY questions about when it will be open! I thought I would share a little of each of those things here.

New Menu

We launched a new menu! (technically we launched it in April, but we worked on it all of March!) We highlighted a few of the new items on the blog two weeks ago, but here’s everything that’s new!

-Matanuskas have returned! Choose from Caramel, Coffee, Mocha, White Mocha or our NEW flavors – raspberry white mocha, vanilla cream, and MIXSICLE! (Orange cream)

-iced passion tea
-confetti donuts
-cinnamon sugar donuts
-apple oatmeal muffins
-cookies and cream truffles
-monster cookies
-peanut butter chocolate power bites
-lemon blueberry scones


Monster cookies… YUM!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to try some of our new items, stop by soon and check them out! The most popular so far have probably been the Mixsicle and the lemon blueberry scones!

Shop Update!

First off, we have to give a HUGE shoutout to all of our friends and family who have been helping us! Wow, these people have sacrificed SO much time, energy, and resources to help us move things along! We would probably still be trying to pick out paint colors if it weren’t for everyone pitching in to help!

We are so excited for our shop… like seriously, you probably have no idea! We’re always saying, “Just wait until our shop is open! We’re going to have so much SPACE! Baking will take NO TIME!” I’m sure we’ll run out of space there before we even move in, but still. Moving the business out of our house is going to feel AMAZING!


Jess and Corinne working away when we first got the keys!

All of that to say… we have NO IDEA when it will be open! And we mean that. But, we’re working on it whenever we have the chance! For instance – on Tuesday, Corinne was supposed to be baking. But instead, our AMAZING mom baked, Corinne took Tyler’s spot in the trailer with Katie, and Tyler worked in the shop, while Jess got groceries! We’re using every Saturday we can find to get things done, and spending late nights working on permits, looking for used equipment online, and still trying to coordinate events for the spring/summer/fall! Whew! It’s a lot, but it’s awesome. We’re slowly starting to see the shop come together.

Here’s what we’ve done so far!
-took out old carpet
-stripped the concrete floors
-stained and sealed floors
-hung drop ceiling grid
-upgraded electric service
-purchased some used equipment

Here’s what we’re working on now:

-running electric to new lights
-installing new lights
-finish hanging ceiling
-purchase more equipment!

Here’s what’s next:

-build out walls/counters
-find and purchase/refinish furniture
-new electrical outlets
-inspections galore
-so many other things I’m sure I’m forgetting!


Tyler stripping the floors… this phase was such a mess!

All of that to say… we’re working really hard to make it all come together! We’re *hoping* to be done early this summer… maybe June?! But you will absolutely know when we’re open! We will be posting all over Facebook, Instagram, the Blog… EVERYWHERE!

Whew! That was a lot. If you made it to the end of this post,  we probably owe you a high five or something. We’re SO excited, and we’re SO GRATEFUL to have each of you along on this journey with us!! Please feel free to keep asking how the shop progress is coming, we really do love talking about it:) And PLEASE keep being excited about it! We can’t WAIT to serve you your favorite drink on Main Street!!!!!

  • Linda Beale - What kind of furniture are you guys looking for?ReplyCancel

Oh man… this post has been a long time coming! I mentioned earlier this week that we have to rotate our menu literally because of the size of our trailer! We took Matanuskas off the menu for the winter, and they’re finally making their comeback! For those of you who don’t know, Matanuskas are our version of a frozen coffee drink! Check out our original post HERE! Along with our original flavors (coffee, caramel, mocha, and white mocha) we’ll be adding vanilla cream (no coffee), orange cream (no coffee), and raspberry white mocha! This was suggested by one of our biggest Matanuska fans, and it turns out it’s delicious! You can ALSO get this drink hot or over ice! It’s available however you would normally enjoy your coffee.


Iced raspberry white mocha

We can’t WAIT for you to try this – and all of our other new menu items!!! We’ll be announcing the name of our orange cream drink on Monday, as well as the winner of the $10 TMH cash! And on Tuesday, April 5th, you can stop by #teresathetrailer and try all of these new items! What are you most excited to try?!


Over the last few months we’ve been getting requests for some more healthy options. Corinne has worked really hard with this baked good menu to create some delicious but healthier options for you guys! Today we’re excited to introduce Apple Oatmeal Muffins!


They have very few ingredients, which is awesome for healthy eating. The best part? They are SO DELICIOUS! I tried one this week and I LOVED it! They also kept me full much longer than I expected a muffin to keep me full! The oats really did fill me up and keep me energized.

Who’s excited for some healthier options? We hope you love these as much as we do!

  • Terresa Russell - I am so excited to see a healthier option! Can you give me an approximate of nutrition – calories & sugar, please!

    Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Katie Gibson - Hi Terresa! We are excited to be able to offer this! Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide that information. However, on the back of each baked good you will find a label listing all ingredients – from largest quantity to smallest, much like you would find on the back of a package at the grocery store! We are always willing to talk and help you determine if this product will work for you. You can also email our baker, Corinne for more info! Her email address is corinne@themixhousecoffee.comReplyCancel

I’ve been wanting to add this to our menu for a long time. But, with as tiny as #teresathetrailer is, we have to really pick and choose what we put in her! Which means we can’t always offer everything all the time! It may seem silly, but keeping an extra pitcher of tea in the fridge REALLY does take up space. We’ve learned it’s best for us to rotate things in and out of our menu… That’s why our winter menu drinks are gone, and that’s why Matanuska’s left for the winter… but they’re coming back too! More on that FRIDAY!

Anyways, I’ve always been a fan of Tazo teas. They’re high quality, affordable, and always delicious! We’ve been using Tazo since day one, and now we’re just adding to the lineup!


This Iced Passion tea is a DELICIOUS blend of hibiscus flowers, herbs, and tropical fruit essences. In other words, fruity and delicious! You can add a little sweetener to it, or drink it just as it is… that’s how I like it! This is the most refreshing drink on a warm spring day. And if you don’t add anything to it, it’s actually pretty good for you! I drank half a gallon of it the day we tried it out, and I didn’t even feel bad about it:)

I know we have some tea lovers out there, so this is for you! Comment and let us know what you’re excited for!

Happy Tuesday!

We are enjoying some down time this week while we’re closed, but don’t be fooled! We’re still working some on the shop, doing some maintenance on #theresathetrailer, and finalizing our new menu! A week from today our spring menu will launch and we’re pretty pumped about it. To celebrate, we’ll be introducing a new menu item each day this week!

Yesterday we showed you a new drink – and we need help naming it! Check our Facebook post for more info!

Today we wanted to feature a new baked good – DONUTS! They are indeed baked donuts, and they are also absolutely delicious!


They will come in two flavors – cinnamon sugar and confetti! Because really, every day should be a party! These little bites are the perfect snack to go with your coffee, or to take to work for a Friday treat!

Who’s excited to try these?? We can’t wait to share them with you! Don’t forget to keep checking back for more menu items being introduced all week! AND – check out our Facebook post from yesterday to give your idea for a new drink name! You could win some TMH cash!!