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Have you ever had a crazy idea? Like one where people just looked at you and rolled their eyes? One where you thought…”I have no idea how to make this happen…but I know it will be awesome!” That’s the kind of crazy we like! In fact, some of us were raised on crazy! Katie and Jessica come from a family full of wild ideas!

Take for example their parents, Frank and Jan. If you know them, you know what we’re talking about. I mean…they had 5 kids – that’s a special kind of crazy in itself. But we have another example we’re thinking about. The bus. When all of the Beale children were young, the family spent a lot of time camping (shout out to the James’ and trips to Myrtle Beach and Urbanna!). For the first few years, they went camping in a pop-up camper towed behind their Volkswagen Diesel Vanagon! But, it wasn’t long before they outgrew it. Instead of doing like most other families and upgrading to a larger RV, Frank and Jan (mostly Frank) did what not many people would do. Frank bought a 1953 GMC Charter Bus! That’s right…a charter bus! He and Jan put the kids to work and before you knew it, that bus was their (not so) new camping RV. One of the first trips in the bus was across the country to Oklahoma where they would visit family. That trip alone is another story in itself. But what we’re getting at is this kind of crazy runs in the blood of this business. And we’re okay with that.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.40.39 PM

The bus on its way to Florida in 2012!

Many people looked at Frank and Jan like they were insane when they drove that thing home (we still get those looks when we take it on trips today). But, with a lot of hard work, a vision ahead, and a few people believing in them…they made it work! And the bus is still taking them on trips today!

Sometimes we feel like we are getting those same looks from people when we tell them about our big orange trailer. But, we love it! We know we’re not the first ones to have a crazy idea and we certainly won’t be the last! We also know that this crazy idea can work! We can’t wait to look back on this time in the business when it was all just a crazy idea and see where God has taken it!


On our way home from purchasing the trailer!

Have you ever had a crazy idea? Did it work? Have you tried it? Tell us about your crazy…because we love crazy!