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Happy Spring, Everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, so we thought we’d drop in to let you know how things are going and to keep you updated on all things TMH.

The shop is up and running and doing great! We have had our Bowling Green location open for just over 7 months now! WOW! Where does the time go? We have loved having so much more space to operate the baking side of our business, as well as more storage space, etc. But mostly, we have LOVED having a place for all of you, our favorite customers, to come grab a great cup of coffee and share your lives with us. When we first opened The Mix House nearly 2 years ago (holy cow!), our long-term dream was that one day we would have a place where people would come gather over great coffee and food and simply share life together. We are beyond thankful to watch that dream unfold before us each and every day as we get to experience that with you. So, whether you just pop in on your way to work, meet up with old and new friends, or have made the shop your daily office, we are so glad you’re here and we want to thank you for playing such a vital role in our dream!

The trailer has had some changes of its own recently as well. In case you missed the memo, the trailer has moved! It now sits in the parking lot of the Ladysmith Center next to the Post Office and Dentist at the corner of Rt 639 and Rt 1. We have loved this move because we have not only gotten to meet new customers, but our daily operation is much simpler. We no longer have to lift a generator multiple times a day, pack up the entire trailer, hook it up and haul it off, but instead we get to leave it right where it is, come in every morning and flip the lights on! It’s that simple! We have also changed our hours at the trailer so we are now open from 6am-12pm. If you’re in Ladysmith around lunchtime and need a mid-day pick-me-up, we’ve gotcha covered!

We have brought some of our spring favorites back, including Raspberry White Mocha, Peach and Raspberry Iced Tea and Passion Tea! Make sure you stop by to grab your favorite spring drink and a yummy pastry!

Over the last few months, we have also expanded our TMH team. You’ve probably gotten to meet some of these amazing people already, but in case you haven’t, we will be introducing them to you on our next blog, so stay tuned! Our team is what makes this whole thing possible and we love each of them dearly!

Once again, we want to thank all of you for making this dream a reality for us. We would not be able to do what we do without you! We hope we see you all at one of our locations soon!

That moment when you blink and it’s December 6th… WHERE is the time going?! Whew! The Christmas season is in full swing and WE LOVE IT! If you haven’t been by the shop yet to check out our Christmas decorations, you definitely need to make that a priority! Here are all of our December events and things going on around town!

December 9th – TMH 2nd Annual Christmas Party! This is an open house type event, 6-8pm. Wear your favorite/tackiest/most beautiful Christmas apparel, bring a canned good donation, and come hang out! We’ll have some desserts, drinks, and crafts for the kiddos!


December 10th – Bowling Green Christmas Parade! This is SUCH a fun event! We will have the shop open from 7am-8pm this day, so make sure you stop in for a warm drink. The parade runs right in front of the shop, so it’s the perfect spot to warm up before heading back out into the cold!

December 17th – Jingle Bell Fun Run 5k. This event takes place in Bowling Green each year and is a great way to stay in shape through the Holidays! You can find more information here! (We also heard rumor that you’ll get a coupon to The Mix House if you participate!)

December 22nd – TMH Staff Christmas Party! Sorry folks, but you aren’t invited to this one. HOWEVER! Watch our Instastory for a fun behind the scenes!!!

December 23rd-26th – We will be CLOSED these days for Christmas!! We hope everyone has a joyful time celebrating with friends and family, and we’ll see you all back on Tuesday, December 27th!!

Happy December, y’all!

We finally opened our storefront on October 1, 2016!! Now that most people have been by to see it, we thought we’d post some pictures here. We had our grand opening on October 1st, and all of these pictures are from that day. Thanks to Katelyn James for all of the pictures!

One of our favorite elements is our adorable open sign!! It came from Class & Trash in Ashland.

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Two of our sweet customers and friends brought us handmade gifts!!

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View More: is our Aunt Becky and her husband Lynwood. Becky has been a HUGE help to us, both in getting the shop open AND running it day-to-day! She’s an awesome baker and keeps us all in line!
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We can’t lie… babies are really our favorite customers!!

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Thanks to everyone who came by for our grand opening! It was such an amazing day, and we loved seeing so many people come together over coffee!

Whew. It’s been a crazy last few months! We’ve been getting lots of questions about our progress on the shop, and when it’s EVER going to open! So, we thought we’d write a quick blog post to update everyone.

There are so many factors that go into this build out that we never even knew would exist. We are taking a building that has never had a kitchen, or anything other than retail shelves really, and adding a commercial kitchen, seating, a coffee bar, wifi, storage space, an office… AND making it look AHHHMAZING. There are also several things we’re doing a bit differently than the average business owners, so while it’s taking a little longer than most, it is going to be SO worth it! Here are some of those things we’re doing differently…

1. We’re doing all of the work ourselves

We didn’t sit down and draw up plans and then hire someone to execute them… we’re literally doing EVERYthing! We definitely have an amazing group of family and friends who are helping and offering their expertise in many different areas! But bottom line, each of us have spent countless hours pulling up carpet, stripping glue off of the floors, hanging ceiling tiles, building cabinets, painting, hanging drywall… the list goes on. And, we’re doing these things in all of our spare time… sometimes that means getting up at 3am to be open for the day, and then work in the shop until 6pm, just to go home and do it again the next day. All of this is just to say that this space is being built with so much love and hard work!

2. We’re paying cash… for EVERYTHING!

We didn’t go to the bank and take out a loan to buy all new equipment and pay for all of the building supplies. We’ve simply bought things as we’ve had the cash to do so! This means we can’t just snap our fingers and have everything done. It can feel frustrating at times… as long as it feels like its taken us to get this build out done, we promise it feels TWICE as long to us! BUT, it is going to be SO WORTH IT when we open the doors for the first time and we don’t owe ANYONE a dime for it! How awesome is that!? We’re all huge believers in living a debt-free life, and the business is no different!!

3. We’re still running a business

Probably the most difficult part of this whole thing is trying to balance keeping the business running efficiently while also expanding into the shop. This means keeping up with inventory, buying supplies, placing orders, creating new menu items, paying taxes, coordinating event schedules, baking, and of course, making your delicious coffee each day! This can be difficult for four young business owners who are also trying to spend time with their families and get some rest in there somewhere. When we’re not open on Saturdays or at your favorite event, it probably means we’re swinging a hammer or painting a wall to get this shop open!

So the big question… when exactly WILL the shop be open? We’re so grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm, excitement, and support! We do not have an EXACT date, but our GOAL is the end of September… that’s THIS MONTH! WHAT?! We are SO excited you guys! We are going to wait until we pass ALL inspections before we put out a date. We want to give everyone enough notice to plan to attend our grand opening weekend! So as soon as our inspections are done, we will release the BIG DATE!!!

THANK YOU so much for your continued support and excitement as we take such a huge step! It’s still pretty surreal to us that just over a year ago, 90% of you didn’t even know what this business was! And now we’re just weeks from opening our first storefront! We literally could not do this without you all.

And a little preview!!!:)9D8004AF-AA6A-429C-8D9E-EEA888B12BB1

Happy May!

Every. Single. Month. we get to this point and I’m all “Oh my gosh how did we get here?! Another month already?!!” But alas, it keeps happening. So here I am, saying, April FLEW BY!!

The biggest thing that happened this month was continued work on our shop! It’s a long, slow process, and it may seem like it’s taking forever. But we promise it is SO WORTH IT! It’s really starting to take shape inside and it looks AMAZING!


Just a part of the lumber pile before it became WALLS!

The other thing you have to know about our build-out process is that we’re doing EVERYTHING ourselves, AND we’re doing it ALL DEBT-FREE! We’ve had several people tell us that we have to go into debt in order to get the shop open… but we don’t exactly do things the way everyone else does:) Because of that, we’re saving up each month and then paying cash for supplies, equipment, labor, etc. It’s a process, but we know it will be SO worth it when we turn that open sign on for the first time, and we don’t owe ANYONE a dime! How awesome!

We also continued to hear amazing feed back from our new menu! Matanuskas are in full swing! We also have had a mix of hot days, cool days, rainy days, etc. After all, it is SPRING! It’s always fun to see what kinds of drinks are popular on different days!

Lastly, we took a day off this month and all four of us went to a one-day conference together in Durham, NC! It was SUCH a blast, and we all learned SO MUCH! We’ll be processing and applying all of this information for the next year, I’m sure! Our conference was on small businesses and leadership. It was such valuable information! If you own a small business or ever think you might want to, OR if you’re in a leadership role at work, you should definitely check out Dave Ramsey’s “EntreLeadership” book. We’ve all read it and that’s what this conference was based on!


Our super exciting car ride down!

We’re excited to spend May and June finishing the shop and *hopefully* hitting that open sign sooner than later!! Fingers crossed:)